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Innovative floor Cleaning Service


Q - Will it be dusty and messy?

A - Our machines are connected to a vacuum cleaner and are virtually dust free. Whilst we take exceptional care we cannot guarantee that there will be no dust at all.

Q - How long until I can walk on my newly finished floor?

A - Most laquers and oils can take light traffic in stocking soles after 72 hours. After 72 hours most prosducts are fully hardened though we advise not moving rugs back for 2 weeks.

Q - Should we decorate before or after sanding?

A - It depends, but we would recommend decorating first, any slight marks to skirting boards can easily be touched up.

Q - How long will it take?

A - The time taken will depend on the area, type of flooring, condition of flooring and the required finish. We can advise approximate times when visiting your home to provide an estimate.