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Innovative floor Cleaning Service

Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

If possible, remove outdoor shoes in the house, otherwise ensure that you have good external and internal door mats at external doors.

Regularly sweep or vacuum (check vacuum attachment does not scratch the floor)

Use felt pads and castor cups on furniture. Do not drag furniture over the floor.

Damp clean only when necessary with minimal water and a slightly damp cloth or mop. We recommend a cleaner appropriate to your finish (see cleaning).


Recommended Cleaning Products


Lacquered & UV oiled Floors


Regular Cleaning - Careline Easy Clean for regular cleaning of lacquered & UV oiled Floors.  This is a neutral detergent that leaves a streak free finish and pleasant fragrance.  Dilute 1:10 in warm water and use a very well wrung out mop


Maintenance CleaningIntensive Maintenance Polish (matt) we recommend that perhaps every 3-4 months that you apply intensive maintenance polish.  Clean floors first with either Careline Easy Clean or  Careline De-Wax (if your floor has previously been treated with Intensive Maintenance Polish).  This is a hard wearing wax for refreshing worn and tired looking surfaces of lacquered & UV oiled floors, leaving a long lasting and slip resistant finish.  Apply with a flat microfiber mop – do not dilute.  Drying time is approximately 1 hour.

Careline De-Wax – dilute 1:4 in warm water to intensively clean and prepare floor for Intensive Maintenance Polish

Careline easy Clean £9.99 / Intensive Maintenance Polish £24.99 / Careline de Wax £14.99  - Buy any 2 products and get 10% off!!


Natural Oiled Floors


Regular CleaningTreatex Floor Care is available in a 1L bottle to dilute 25-50ml in 5L of warm water – use a well wrung out mop.  Or Treatex Spray On Floor Care is a pre-diluted solution to be sprayed onto the floor and applied with a damp mop.  Treatex Floor Care contains vegetable oils and waxes to nourish your oiled floor.

Maintenance CleaningCareline Intensive Clean is an intensive cleaner for oiled floors which removes tough dirt without damaging your floor.  Dilute 3 caps in 1L of warm water and use a well wrung out mop.  This product is to be used prior to using Treatex Wax Polish

Re-Oiling – If you are not sanding the floor, but simply ‘freshening up’ the oil, use Careline Intensive Clean, allow floor to dry then apply Treatex Wax Polish.  This product can be applied with a soft lint free cloth or with a white pad on a buffing machine.  Treatex Wax Polish will refresh oiled floors and forms a durable, water repellent and non slip finish.  Dries in 3-4 hours


Treatex Floor care £12 / Treatex Spray on Floor care £7.20 / Careline Intensive Clean £11.99/ Treatex Wax Polish £21.60 – buy any 2 products and get 10% off!!


Amtico – we recommend Amtico Floocare Maintainer – simply dilute in warm water an use a well wrung out mop - £6.40

Laminate Flooring – we recommend either Unika easy Shine with a wellwrung out mop or microfibre mop or Careline Easy Clean with a well wrung out mop


Unika Easy Shine £5.10 / Careline Easy Clean £9.99