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Floor Sanding, Mickle Trafford near Chester


We were contacted by Mickle Trafford village school to sand & lacquer the Assembly hall & gymnasium.  The flooring was a solid strip Maple with an aged, dull lacquer and scuffs & marks consistent with heavy use. (pic MTschool.before)

The solution

Using the Belt sanding machine, the existing finish was sanded off, down to bare wood.  We use a special edging sander to reach close to the edges and corners.   Once the boards were fine sanded we ran attack cloth over the boards to remove any fine dust; this ensures a smooth finish. 

One coat of Junckers Pre-lak was then applied to the bare wood.  Pre-lak is a primer and ensures good adhesion of lacquer to the wood and helps to prevent side bonding. 

2 coats of Junckers ‘HP Commercial’ lacquer were then applied using a roller. The commercial finish gives a heavy duty finish that will withstand many more years of activity! (pic MTschool.during and MTschool.after)

Mickle Trafford School Floor Prior To Sanding During Floor Sanding After Laquer Applied