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Innovative floor Cleaning Service

Wood Floor Renovation Chester

Location : The Blue Moon Cafe, Chester

Flooring : The Blue Moon Cafe is a busy Riverside cafe in Chester.  The existing cafe area had original Pine Parquet Blocks that were rather worn and discoloured.

Sanding : The blocks were sanded down to bare wood with our belt sander.  A resin is then mixed with the sanding dust to fill any large gaps between the blocks.  The flooring is then sanded again with the Trio sanding machine to smooth the finish.  The blocks are restored to their original colour.   We used a small hand sanding machine to sand around the steps and to get close to the skirting boards to get a great, clean finish.

Finishing : As this is a busy cafe, we applied a coat of Junckers ‘Pre Lak’ to the floor to ensure good adhesion of the lacquer and to help prevent ‘side bonding’.  Two coats of Junckers Comercial lacquer were then applied.  Using the correct commercial grade formulation ensures a fabulous hard wearing & non slip finish that will last very well.